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Successful organizations rely on their employees, managers, and sales directors to make smart day-to-day decisions by thinking like business owners. As a business acumen simulation that is suitable for a variety of industry settings and geared toward specific audiences (Manufacturing, Services, Healthcare, Sales), Zodiak®: The Game of Business Finance and Strategy challenges learners with the realities of business ownership and empowers them to make smart decisions once back on the job.

busi·ness a·cu·men : an in-depth understanding of how business works, how it makes money, and how strategies and decisions impact financial, operational and sales results


Business acumen drives alignment of employees to organisational objectives

With a solid business acumen base, individuals can interpret the effect of company strategies and initiatives on the numbers during specific periods of time. They would also use this information to form sound business strategies and to make better business decisions.

When business acumen spreads through an organization, employees and managers begin to ask better strategic questions: about improved processes, streamlined systems, efficient staffing and more.

Business acumen helps everyone understand that it’s not enough to ask, “How do we cut costs?” or to say, “We need to increase sales.” Digging deeper, employees with higher levels of business acumen will ask questions that take into consideration the far-reaching impact of potential decisions and demonstrate a greater ability to make the connections between performance and results.

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A wide range of organisations

  • Services

  • Sales & distribution

  • Manufacturing & other industries

  • Healthcare

  • Non-profit organisations


Business Acumen is a critical competency for managers. It links directly to business success and the skill to align departmental and personal actions to financial and strategic objectives.


Every day, the actions, decisions, and attitudes of employees impact organizational success. With increased business acumen and an attitude of engagement, they’ll understand how they fit into the big picture and contribute to organizational success.

Sales people

To build the foundation for long-term customer partnerships, sales professionals must effectively speak the language of their customers’ businesses. Honed business acumen increases skills – and results – in consultative selling.


Business owners

A good grounding on business acumen helps you avoid/overcome traps that cause many businesses to fail (especially cash flow) and set you up for success

Human Resource Professionals

Your organisation's leaders speak the language of business. But do you?
Zodiak for HR will equip HR professionals with the knowledge and vocabulary to speak the language of business to organisational leaders. This will enable you to be a valued partner in the organisation's success.

Why Is Business Acumen Important for HR Leaders?

When HR leaders understand the internal and external business, they're better able to align people programs with business needs, Currence says. "HR is no longer about personnel files, data entry and record keeping," she says. Instead, today's HR leaders need to be able to implement programs that align with business strategy — and speak in management language.

- Lin Grensing-Pophal - Forbes - Feb 2018


Zodiak is a fast-paced, classroom-based simulation designed to improve the business acumen and financial literacy of managers, employees, and sales professionals. Zodiak allows learners to experience the financial and strategic determinants of organizational success. Through discovery learning, participants experience how their own actions contribute to the organization’s top and bottom lines.

The evolution of business acumen trainin

Client Showcase:



How Zodiak helped FIS* Recover $3.1 Million Annually

*FIS was ranked the #1 Financial Technology company on the FinTech100 in 2013 and 2014.