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In today’s highly competitive business environment—where time, money, and resources are in short supply—organizations are implementing more and more projects to manage critical activities and processes. Project teams, tasked with delivering high-quality, timely, and cost-effective results, face challenges like aggressive deadlines, scope creep, communication breakdowns, financial constraints, and more. It takes skilled project managers and knowledgeable and committed team members to face these challenges and achieve project success.


Project Managers

Countdown® is based on the PMBoK (PMI) and counts towards 8 PUD for CAPM/PMP exam preparation. It provides a safe interactive environment experiment and learn from mistakes. This allows the project manager to perform when it truly matters.

Project Team Members

The success of the project is highly dependent on the project team. It is helpful for the project team to share vocabulary and understand project management concepts. This will help with team alignment and contribute to the project success.

Schools and educational institutions

Countdown® is a fun and effective teaching tool for students studying project management (e.g. NUS). The Discovery Learning process allows for the high recall of concepts.


Countdown: A Strategy Game for Project Teams® is a fast-paced, classroom-based simulation designed to improve the knowledge and skills of project team members. Developed by Paradigm Learning in collaboration with project management experts, Countdown uses a variety of experiential learning techniques to engage and energize learners as they explore the concepts, tools, techniques, and behaviors of effective project management.

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Countdown immerses participants in an intense project that lasts seven simulated months. Small teams of participants move through project milestones, make critical decisions, communicate with stakeholders, and manage trade-offs - all under tight deadlines and shifting information. Less than an hour into the game, teams work with a Gantt chart, estimate potential delays and costs, evaluate the critical path, assess project risks, and make important decisions as they drive a project to success. But it's more than an agile project management simulation game. It's a serious, intensely effective learning program.

"More and more project teams are an integral part of our company's ongoing strategy. Development in this area is critical and Countdown had the right combination of fun and education to educate us"

Manager of Training - Citrix


After experiencing Countdown, participants will know:

  • The key processes of project management as described by the PMI® standard: A Guide to Project Management Book of Knowledge

  • How to manage the triple constraints of time, cost, and requirements

  • How to use project kickoff meetings and scope statement to launch a project

  • How to use a Gantt chart, work breakdown structure and responsibility matrix

  • Effective team responses to scope creep and changing sponsor expectations

  • Important team behaviors for managing and controlling a project

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"Countdown works because it's a high energy, get-'em-excited kind of learning. It introduces PMBOK (Project Management Body of Knowledge) concepts to a large group of people. Not everyone will know how to do a work breakdown, but you sure know what one is when you are done with the game"

Project Manager - Delta

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