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Organisations Undergoing the Following

  • Mergers & Acquisitions

  • A change in strategic direction

  • Restructuring

  • Leadership change

  • Relocation


Managers are on the front line of managing change: having to manage upwards, their staff whilst wresting with their own challenges. Right Turns equips managers with the skills to lead change in their organisation.

Affected Staff

Staff encounter great uncertainty during times of rapid change. Right Turns helps staff understand the realities of change and navigate towards the future. This promotes understanding, alignment, and commitment which are critical to the successful implementation of new strategies.

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Organizational change is guaranteed. Success is not. Strategic and employee alignment are imperative. But how does an organization ensure it gracefully changes with change? Fear of the unknown leads to lower productivity, higher workplace confusion and costly staff turnover. Managers who can lead through uncertain times are essential. Right Turns: Change in Action® is a dynamic learning session that builds employee confidence and commitment and the skills of managers.

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Client Showcase

How Kraft Foods Used Right Turns to Turn Organizational Change from Panic to Progress


Right Turns is a powerful learning experience focused on change management, guiding employees and managers to explore the realities of change and the path to future success. Whether participants are dealing with organizational change or leading it, this fast-paced discovery learning experience builds understanding, alignment and commitment for any corporate strategy.

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Guided by activity cards, participants gather in small teams and work together to explore and discuss key concepts — external forces that cause change, the impact of change, drivers of success, how emotions and behaviors help or hinder progress, and more. Organization-specific discussions and exercises bring the lessons home by allowing participants to explore organizational changes in their own company or department and develop insights to take back to their jobs. Managers delve deeper into the session and explore their role as change leaders — their responsibilities, their necessary skills, how to apply critical thinking, and how to deal with their own reactions to organizational change.

A successful change depends not on those who plan or lead it, but on the people who align themselves with the vision and objectives of change.


After experiencing Right Turns, participants learn what drives change, how it progresses, where they fit, and how emotions help or hinder a change initiative. They learn to make the “right” (correct) turns as they navigate toward the future. Specifically, they discover how to:

  • Identify the key phases and milestones that accompany successful organizational changes

  • Demonstrate understanding of key changes occurring in their own organizations and departments

  • Implement strategies for handling several common emotional and behavioral responses to change

  • Accelerate the implementation of change by removing barriers to success

  • Use appropriate “Critical Thinking Guides” to analyze their personal change issues and to plan ways to be more effective during times of change

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