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As organizations struggle to attract and retain the best and brightest in a changing workforce landscape, one fact becomes increasingly obvious: Individual managers and leaders have the largest impact on an employee’s engagement and development.

Dollar Bills

Replacing an employee costs employers 33% of that employee’s annual salary

Work Institute


56% of employees want flexible work options


Thumbs Up

63% of employees rated their former employer “very good” or “excellent” after leaving the company

Work Institute



Mosaic is applicable to a wide range of industries. ​Companies facing the following problems would greatly benefit:

  • Difficulty in attracting the right talent

  • Low staff morale

  • High staff turnover

  • Negative reviews on company reviews sites e.g. Glassdoor

Managers & Future Leaders

The selection, development and transition of talent are key accountabilities of managers in organisations. This is not the sole responsibility of HR (as is common assumed). Mosaic equips managers with the knowledge and skills to better develop talents. Mosaic is also great for developing your organisation's up and coming leadership pool.

Human Resource Team

Mosaic can be employed by HR as a tool to increase managers' awareness of their talent leadership responsibilities. This would help in the achievement of the organisation's talent and strategic goals.

Mosaic can be purchased as a product and rolled out as part of internal training and development. 

Client Showcase


How Clarian Health Used Mosaic to Take on the Crisis of Talent Development


Mosaic: The Art of Talent Leadership® is a comprehensive approach to attracting, retaining, and transitioning talent. The program is intended to inform and educate managers around the key issues and trends in talent leadership. As well as help introduce and/or reinforce the manager’s role and accountability in talent development efforts. It also guides managers to take a critical look at themselves as developers of organizational talent and to create a personal plan of action.

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The program consists of two types of activities. A Discovery Map®, which is a large, colorful, graphically intriguing and content-rich illustration that serves as a focal point for team interaction and activity. It communicates the core content and key messages about the program in the form or visual clues and metaphors. A deck of Map Cards guides participants through the activity, leading them to discover content through exploring the visual and discussing key topics with their team. A Case Study Challenge follows this, during which participants must analyze and discuss how leaders in a fictitious organization are developing the talent on their teams. Participants are introduced to several leaders through emails, memos and conversations, and follow these leaders through the activity as they begin to demonstrate and improve their talent leadership.

"A great workplace is measured by the quality of three interconnected relationships: Between employees and management, between employees and their jobs/company, and between employees and other employees."

Great Place to Work Institute


  • Understand workforce drivers behind the critical need for organizations to make talent development a priority

  • Identify three areas of managerial accountability within talent development, as well as the roles and responsibilities associated with each of these accountabilities

  • Recognize the need to embrace talent development as a critical leadership accountability, and explain the manager’s responsibility as a development of talent for the entire organization

  • Identify why communicating and networking with other managers/leaders and functions are critical to fulfilling their roles as a talent developer

  • Identify immediate personal action items that will begin to foster an environment focused on the proactive development of talent

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