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Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How long is each program?
Our programs are normally one full-day depending on the audience and level of customization required for your organization.

A customized program could stretch anywhere between 1.5 to 3 days with learning outcomes designed to meet your organization’s needs and requirements. Happy to discuss in more depth! Write to or Whatsapp +65 9683 1223

2. How much do the programs cost?

Paradigm Learning AsiaPac ‘s distinctive ability to highly customize our programs to meet the needs of its audience and organization is something that our past clients truly appreciated and found invaluable. As there is no one size that fits all, our fees depend on the level of customization required.  Overall our pricings have been affordable. Our clients measure the benefits of the learning outputs and outcomes which our program designer and facilitator are able to achieve consistently. 

If you require customization, contact or Whatsapp +65 9683 1223

3. Can you run Paradigm Learning’s programs online?

Yes we are able to run virtual workshops for business acumen, change and talent leadership business simulations. But our popular project management workshop still runs face to face due to its special features of simulating a live project management room with audio, visuals and lots of excitement in between. 

The virtual versions of referred to programs are able to simulate the physical workshops with the excitement and audience engagement of  team-building, discovery learning, tactile activities and interactivity. 

Want to see first hand how Paradigm Learning’s virtual workshops are run? Request for webinar clips or ask to attend a webinar - write to with info on interest area.

4. Who should attend this program?

Anyone and everyone looking to improve their knowledge and skills in business strategy and finance or any of the programs stated above are welcome to join this program.

We are most proud of Paradigm’s Zodiak: The Game of  Business Acumen program. It is an award winning simulation which has benefitted over 2.5m people worldwide, is versatile enough as a 1 day quick workshop to speed up the learning of business and finance and highly customizable to meet clients’ needs. At the same time, Zodiak is designed to challenge managers and emerging managers with the realities of business ownership and empowers learners to make smart decisions once back on the job. An international client registered on the Switzerland Stock Exchange uses it to prepare their senior leaders for business succession and to take on Profit & Loss responsibilities. 

This is just how powerful Zodiak is as it is could be customized to meet varying learning outcomes.  Curious to find out more? Start a conversation with

5. I don’t have any finance background, will I be able to follow?

Yes! Our certified and experienced facilitators will pace the program according to participants’ profiles. 

In Indonesia and Malaysia, we have a team of certified local facilitators who understand the country nuances and culture to adapt their facilitation styles and speed.  They are also able to use the local language to explain certain terms and concepts if need be.

6. What if my team does not need to be business and financial literate to do their daily work. Is this program still relevant?

The objective of the program is not to create financial superstars, accountants or financial controllers.  Employees learn to think and act differently when they have a big-picture understanding of the company's financial drivers and strategic goals. They will be able to link departmental objectives and their own, see where they fit in the organization. They will  know how to make a difference thus optimizing your organization performance.  Thus Paradigm’s tagline: “The Bottom Line Impacts Everyone; Everyone Impacts The Bottomline”.

Need more info or clarify on any of Paradigm Learning’s business simulations and connections, write to or trigger a Whatsapp message at +65 9683 1223 to start a conversation.


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