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Engaging Learning Solutions


What makes us unique?

Harness the power of discovery

Experiential, interactive and fun facilitated sessions build participants' interest and lead to a journey of discovery toward new thinking, actions and behaviors. Participants are more likely to remember concepts and knowledge discovered on their own.

Practical and action oriented

The knowledge and skills gained are applicable in the workplace: Participants develop company specific action plans during the workshops for implementation in the workplace. Past participants have identified actions that could result in substantial savings.

Powerful contextual connections

In-house programs are customized based on their organisations and industries. This makes the training highly relevant to participants, empowering them to identify and address the pain points whilst positioning the company to exploit opportunities.

Organisational Alignment

Connecting individuals and teams to organisational objectives: This gives participants the management perspective which allows everyone to work towards the same goals. This is key to driving organisational culture change and engagement.

Certified trainers Practitioners

Our facilitators are real practitioners who bring a wealth of business, corporate experiences and real-life stories. They include a PhD (performance psychology), Practising Management Consultant, ex-CEO/CFOs, PMPs, GM etc.

We understand business

We look beyond just providing products.  We understand organisations' pain points and strategic aspirations. We genuinely want to be a partner in your organisation's success.


We deliver all programs in English. Selected programs can also be delivered in Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia and Mandarin.

In-house Programs

Your organisation may want to roll out training to a large number of staff to drive culture change and alignment. Speak to us on how we can help.

Interested to find out how we work with clients?

Discovery Solutions


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We are able to package multiple products and connection pieces for efficient in-house delivery.
Talk to us today and you may be surprised by how we can help!

Do you have unique needs? 
We have developed industry-specific programs (e.g. airlines, oil & gas) and need-specific connections (e.g. M&A). 
Our Asia Pacific and American experts are able to customize programs to meet your organisation's specific needs.
Speak to us today and you may be surprised by how we can help you.

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